Bee House Saltbox

We are on the hunt for a good salt container. Our current jar of salt from Trader Joe's is impossibly difficult to use; the salt sticks and clumps in the tiny opening. We've oversalted omelets and oatmeal, trying to shake out just a little salt.

We will probably just use one of our many ramekins, but this Bee House saltbox is also very tempting.

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We found this ceramic saltbox at Black Ink, a rather well-curated Boston boutique and the sister store of MUT (Museum of Useful Things).

We like how it has a lid; many saltboxes don't have lids, and that is probably fine, but still, we like the look of this one. It's a fairly sizable box, too (6x3.5") so it could be suitable for other kitchen staples.

• Buy the Bee House Saltbox, $22 at Black Ink

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