Beautify! Carton Vase from CB2

Several of you weren't wild about the spring vegetable centerpieces from Epicurious that we posted yesterday, and we see your point. However, whether you're using asparagus or just peonies, we do believe in beautifying our kitchens as much as possible - a fresh, lovely space is one of our greatest inspirations to cook. You'll use spaces you enjoy more.

So we rather liked this porcelain vase from CB2 - we don't cover many purely decorative items here, but this one is too good to pass up.

It's an old-fashioned milk carton made from porcelain, and it holds just a few simple buds, a spring branch, or a small bouquet. Sweet and pretty. It's very economical too. It's been in such high demand that CB2 is having trouble keeping it in stock. It should be readily available again in May.

Carton Vase, $7.95 at CB2

(Images: CB2)

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