Beautify: 7 Spring Flowers for the Kitchen

Beautify: 7 Spring Flowers for the Kitchen

Emma Christensen
Mar 17, 2010

The Kitchn Cure theme for this week is Beautify, and we can't think of anything that does this better than a vase of fresh-cut flowers on the counter. We feel happy just looking at them. Here are a few spring blooms we're starting to see come into season!

Many of these spring flowers can also be found as small potted plants, which means they'll last a little longer!

1. Daffodils - So sunny and lovely, these teacup flowers have always been a favorite of ours.

2. Tulips - These come in so many colors, it's hard to choose. Personally, we like picking one of each!

3. Hyacinths - Hyancinths have the most amazing aroma.

4. Orchids - One single stem of delicate orchid blossoms is really all you need.

5. Paperwhites - We love the romantic simplicity of these little blooms.

6. Ranunculus - It still might be a little early for these beauties in some parts of the country, but keep your eyes peeled!

7. Lilies - Easter, calla, stargazer, or tiger lily, we love them all!

What flowers are you seeing right now?

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(Images: Flickr members Muffet, Ack Ook, House of Sims, David Sedlmayer, RC Designer, Sleepy Neko, and Geoff Penaluna licensed under Creative Commons)

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