Beautiful Breakfast Sushi

Flickr Find

Although we usually think of sushi as a lunch or dinner meal or snack, this Flickr photo has us thinking otherwise. These beautiful rolls were handmade and packed with healthy fats, some veggies and a little protein. Can you guess what's in them?

According to the tags on Flickr (you can see the image in full glory here) the following items are rolled up inside:

• Eggs
• Cucumber
• Avocado
• Sumeshi (rice)
• Sesame Seeds

There's an entire set of photos dedicated to these tasty treats, and they make one heck of a cool pattern! Check it out!

Does this sound like a great breakfast to you? We love the idea and are wondering what other breakfast items could get rolled up inside? Ham? Banana? Mango (not all 3 in combination however)?

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(Image: Flickr member SQL Samson licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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