Beautiful Asian Kitchen Tools

It seems here in the States, kitchen tools more often than not come with bright colors, high-tech materials, and plastered with brand names. Which makes these simple, traditional kitchen tools used in Asian cuisine all the more beautiful to our eyes:

Many of these tools are interchanged throughout various Asian cultures, but here we've listed the ones pictured in the gallery above:

1 Japanese donabe smoker and shamoji (rice paddle)
2 Japanese hangiri rice barrel
3 Japanese oroshi-gane, a grater for roots and vegetables
4 Japanese suribachi, a mortar with a grooved interior surface for grinding
5 Japanese saibashi, large chopsticks used for cooking/prep/serving

6 Vietnamese thố đất, a clay cooking pot
7 Chinese wok
8 Chinese bamboo steamer
9 Indian belan, a hardwood rolling pin for making flat breads

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(Images: Toiro Kitchen, sushisushi, Fine Tools, The Star, Rakuten,, Serious Eats via The Kitchn, Macy's, East of Here)

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