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We had a bunch of bananas turning very, very brown on the counter this week, but we weren't in a baking mood. We didn't want to haul out the mixer and soften the butter and dirty two bowls...you get the idea. Then we discovered a new banana bread recipe that pretty much made our day.

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It's a recipe from Elise at Simply Recipes, and it literally took us eight minutes to mix up.

You don't need a mixer at all; you just mash the bananas, add some sugar and an egg, stir in the flour and other dry ingredients, pour it in a pan and bake for an hour and you're done!

Elise calls for 1/3 cup melted butter to go in this bread, but we substituted oil, cutting out even that step. This turned out perfect, with a tender, moist crumb. In fact, it was rather more perfect than the much more complicated banana bread we usually make. We also added a handful of chocolate chips for a special treat.

Highly recommended recipe - we enjoyed the bread all week; it stayed moist and tender for five days!

• Get the recipe! Banana Bread at Simply Recipes

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