Bamboo Cutting Boards and More From Tru Bamboo

Bamboo Cutting Boards and More From Tru Bamboo

Faith Durand
Mar 26, 2008

Yesterday we gave you a quick video tip on cleaning and caring for bamboo in the kitchen. The good folks at TruBamboo had some great products at their Home and Housewares booth, including well-priced cutting boards, utensils, and beautiful meldings of old and new. There were bamboo and silicone products like the combo colander and cutting board above, for instance. More of our favorite products below...

They have a great selection of basic utensils in bamboo - we like the half-moon stir fry spoons and other stirrers a lot. They were weighty and substantial and all priced in the $7-$10 range.

The Tru Grips line was also appealing - another melding of silicone and bamboo. Each cutting board has silicone feet that keep it locked in place; it would almost hang on a wall without support.

Boards for separate purposes. They're kept separate in the holder by dividers inside the holder. These boards are designed to be stored either upright on their side or flat on the counter - good for space saving. They retail for under $40, which is much less than other combo board sets that we've seen. They are very solid and substantial too.

Overall we were beyond impressed with this line; look for it at multiple retailers including Whole Foods, Publix, and Bed Bath and Beyond.

List of retailers at TruBamboo

Video: Bamboo Maintenance

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