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Every week we round up our favorite good eats from our friends at Serious Eats. This week there's cute chocolate bowls made from balloons, plus the Girlfriend-On-Vacation Food Pyramid, pigs' ears, and a taste test of cheap (but good) olive oils.

Serious Chocolate: Balloon Bowls (Not a Hoax) - Make cute little chocolate bowls with nothing more than some meltable chocolate and a cheap balloon.

The Nasty Bits: Crisp Fried Pig's Ears - Just like pancetta, apparently.

Girlfriend-On-Vacation Food Pyramid - What your boyfriend eats when you're not around. One guess, anyway.

Dinner Tonight: Okra Curry - Give okra a little love!

Taste Test: Cheap But Good Olive Oils - Looking for some cheapish but still good olive oils? Start here.

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(Image: Melody Kramer/Serious Eats)