Balloon Bowls (Not a Hoax)
Faith Durand
Oct 22, 2009

Every week we round up our favorite good eats from our friends at Serious Eats. This week there's cute chocolate bowls made from balloons, plus the Girlfriend-On-Vacation Food Pyramid, pigs' ears, and a taste test of cheap (but good) olive oils.

Serious Chocolate: Balloon Bowls (Not a Hoax) - Make cute little chocolate bowls with nothing more than some meltable chocolate and a cheap balloon.

The Nasty Bits: Crisp Fried Pig's Ears - Just like pancetta, apparently.

Girlfriend-On-Vacation Food Pyramid - What your boyfriend eats when you're not around. One guess, anyway.

Dinner Tonight: Okra Curry - Give okra a little love!

Taste Test: Cheap But Good Olive Oils - Looking for some cheapish but still good olive oils? Start here.

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(Image: Melody Kramer/Serious Eats)

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