Baker's Tricks: Browning the Butter

Baker's Tricks: Browning the Butter

Emma Christensen
Jun 10, 2010

2010-06-10-BrowningButter.jpgBrowned butter smells so delicious and adds such a great nutty flavor to whatever we're making that we've been seriously tempted to eat it by the spoonful at times. We toss it with pasta or drizzle it over vegetables, of course, but where we've really come to love it is in baked goods. Yes, even when the recipe doesn't call for it!

So many baking recipes already call for melted butter, so why not take it just a little further? Browning the butter doesn't change the way it functions in most recipes and it adds such an interesting depth of flavor! Even if the recipe just calls for room temperature butter, we'll brown it and then let it re-solidify before using it.

We've been doing this a lot lately with cookies, cakes, and quick breads - really, any recipe where that nutty flavor would be a welcome element.

Recipes like these have definitely been inspiration for us!

Hazelnut Brown Butter Cake with Chocolate Ganache
Rosemary-Walnut Brown Butter Cookies
Brown Butter Ice Cream
Brown Butter Plum Cake

Do you ever do this in your baking?

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(Images: Emma Christensen)

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