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1. Brand New Cabinet Line from IKEA

2. The Best Way to Cook Pasta

Click through for a gallery of our 12 most popular posts published in August 2008. There's food tattoos, an ice cream contest, guidelines on writing a professional-quality recipe, slow-scrambled eggs, and more.

3. Food Tattoos: Would You Get One?

4. The Best Lick! Ice Cream Contest: 2008 Edition

5. Mango Lassi Frozen Yogurt with Pistachio Biscotti Bits

6. How To Write A Recipe Like A Professional

7. Recipe: Baked Summer Squash

8. Good Question: What is Halal Meat?

9. Cilantro: Why Is Its Taste So Polarizing?

10. Tastes Like Summer: The Perfect Tomato Sandwich

11. Slow-Scrambled Eggs with Prosciutto

12. Making Ice Cream Without a Machine

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