Aspirational Inspiration: Stone Slab Backsplashes

Kitchen Inspiration

I see monolithic stone backsplashes like these and think expensive — prohibitively so, but I still can't help but pore over them as if a mason were standing by waiting for me to decide on one for my own kitchen. The beauty of natural stone is really allowed to shine in the running veins of large slabs, making backsplashes like this the focal point of the room.

Plus, with large slabs as backsplashes, once they're installed to the wall there are no worries about grout joints failing as often happens eventually in wet spaces. The durability of a solid slab is unmatched.

Although this is an expensive installation, I can also imagine making this work in DIY fashion. A remnant from a countertop installation could be a great solution for a backsplash behind the kitchen range. Even if you're renting, find a way to install it on clips and take it with you when you move!

What do you think of stone slab backsplashes? Is there a way the look can be achieved without breaking the bank?

(Image credits: The Granite Shop; Hickman Design Associates; Martin Moore & Company; Allied Stone Inc.; Elle Decor; William Heffner; DecorPad; 1st Option; Greg Natale)