Oversized Artwork from ixxi

Faith’s Daily Find 04.08.13

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Oversized Artwork from ixxi

• $58 to $175

ixxi is a Dutch company that lets you make huge yet affordable pieces of art. I love having art in the kitchen, and I hung a big print of Vermeer's The Little Street in my space. Huge pieces of art are often prohibitively expensive, but ixxi has this ingenious method of printing on small square tiles, that you then snap together with "i" and "x" plastic connectors (hence their name, ixxi - get it?). I was turned on to this company by Janel, who stumbled on them in the Amsterdam airport. I love having a way to do huge prints for a very reasonable amount of money. You can order from their image bank, like I did, or upload your own photographs for the ixxi treatment.

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