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When you hear the word "artisan," what do you think of? Chances are, you think of small food producers using good, often-local ingredients. But is this always the case?

The Los Angeles Times recently wrote a piece about how mainstream food producers like Domino's Pizza are using the word "artisan" more as a marketing move, knowing full well that it conjures a certain image in customer's minds. An image that is, frankly, far from the reality of mass producing products nationwide. Domino's isn't the first to make such a move: they've followed in the steps of Wendy's and Starbucks.

Read the full piece: Food products described as artisan go mainstream at The Los Angeles Times

If the word "artisan" once signified a company you felt good about supporting, what are we to think now; has it lost its original meaning? Are these larger companies diminishing the meaning of the word or just making a smart business decision?

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