Artfully Arranging Your Cup of Joe: Separate Morning Coffee Areas

Kitchen Inspiration

I definitely have a morning coffee ritual. I'm a fan of the pour-over coffee method, and I look forward to that one perfect cup to jumpstart my day. But despite the formality of my brewing method, everything else about the process is pretty jumbled, with carafes, mugs, coffee beans, and electric teapot all stored in different parts of my small kitchen. Perhaps that's why I'm drawn to the pretty organization of a separate morning coffee area. Maybe it's set up in a cabinet or just arranged neatly on a sideboard, but it seems fitting to devote an area to such a crucial, enjoyable part of the morning. More photos below:

Do you have a truly separate coffee area, either set up on its own island or shelf?

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(Images: 1+2: Rue Magazine; 3. Studio 306 via Design*Sponge)