Vegetables, $60 for 14x11 print ($185 framed)

Last year we wrote about Wendy MacNaughton's illustrated farmer's market series, inspired by her visits to the San Francisco Civic Center Farmers' Market. Now two illustrations from that series—the mushrooms and vegetables—are available for purchase. Wouldn't they be perfect hanging in the kitchen?

The prints are available for a limited time through 20x200. You can view the entire illustrated series—titled Meanwhile, Farmers' Market Farmers and depicting the life of farmers through drawings and the words of the farmers themselves— at The Rumpus. We hope she makes more illustrations available in the future!

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Vegetables by Wendy Macnaughton, $60 for 14x11 print ($185 framed) from 20x200
Mushrooms by Wendy MacNaughton, $60 for 14x11 print ($185 framed) from 20x200

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(Illustrations: Wendy MacNaughton via 20x200)