Archetun Collection of Cast Aluminum Pans

Hey all you cast iron fans! Take a look at these cast aluminum pans from design firm Matteo Thun and Partners. More pics below...

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The Archetun collection of skillets, pans and saucepans was designed by Matteo Thun to cater for the simple, elegant Mediterranean diet. They are made of cast aluminum, which the designers feel is the best material for a fast, precise control of heat. The pans are designed to be durable: extremely resistant to wear, tear and abrasion, with a thick structure, a continuous profile, clean lines and comfortable, heatproof handles. Beautiful basics, they say.

We think they're lovely and sleek yet with that classic, heavy-duty appeal of the cast-iron skillets we all love.

Availability? No word on that - we'll do some digging, though.

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