Apple Green, Lemon Yellow: Fall Colors Kitchens

2008_10_06-Color.jpgHave you noticed? The Fall Colors Contest is in full swing at our sister home sites. We love this annual opportunity to peek into dozens of homes and get more inspired in our use of color. We especially love seeing the kitchens. There have been some bold and beautiful kitchens already this year; click through for a peek.

Apple green: The top image is from East #2: Christine's Bright and Cheerful. We like how she uses a purely functional item, the pegboard, to bring color into her kitchen.

Lemon yellow: International # 3: Jo's Primary Pop has a lemony brightness that seems to hold the sunshine. Here are a couple more images from her kitchen:

Deep blue teal: Virginia's Color Awareness feels calm and soothing to us - just what we want during a long evening in the kitchen.

Citrus green and orange: Southwest #1: Benjamin and Elizabeth's "Citrus Harmony" has a lot of citrus colors going on, but we like how they're balanced out by the modern grey walls of their apartment.

Hot red: International #1: Mariola's Punches of Color has a pink-red warmth that feels very appealing against the bright white of her kitchen.

What colors do you use in your kitchen? Do you have a favorite entry from the contest thus far?

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