Appetizer Idea: Baked Pizza Cones

Kitchen Unplgged

I, Sarah Trover, have a pizza problem obsession. First there were homemade pizza poppers, then there were pizza bites, and don't forget about the no-dough pizza crust from last week. and now — pizza cones. This appetizer is easier to throw together than you think and makes for one pretty presentation!

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We love recipes that inspire others and although this isn't a traditional pizza by any means and you probably won't be serving up a million of them to hungry overnight teenage guests, they are a fun bite or two to add to a party or picnic table.

After collecting the usual pizza fare, this recipe includes one unusual ingredient — tortillas. Using a cutter, punch out circular rounds and close with a tooth pick. Fill with toppings (cheese first to seal the bottom) and place between the holes of a metal rack. Bake, serve and enjoy!

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(Image: Kitchen Unplugged)