Any Ideas for Using Up Rum-Soaked Fruit?

Any Ideas for Using Up Rum-Soaked Fruit?

Emma Christensen
Dec 29, 2010

Q: I made a double batch of fruitcake, but still have about 3 cups of rum-soaked dried fruit puree left.

Any good ideas of how to use this up?

Sent by Beth

Editor: Beth, one idea is to simmer your rum-soaked fruit with a little sugar and turn it into a sauce. This could be spooned over ice cream or folded into whipped cream for an easy dessert.

For an extra-special brunch, you could also use your fruit as the filling for cinnamon rolls. Mix any leftover liquid after draining with confectioner's sugar for a quick glaze!

Readers, any other ideas for using up this leftover fruit?

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(Image: Lisa Campbell of Baking with Lisa)

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