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Q: I was given two tubes of Pringles in Pecan Pie flavor. While I love desserts (pecan pie included) I don't like Pringles chips. But as the saying goes, waste not, want not and I can't figure out a good way to use these chips. There is something useful in these tubes: sweet/salty, maple and molasses. Any ideas?

I've hidden a few chips here or there (crumbled atop other desserts, mixed into a bread pudding). But I've barely made a dent in the first tube. Any ideas?

Sent by Jodie

Editor: Hmm.... My first thought was crumbling them and mixing them into a batch of granola or trail mix. The flavor you describe sounds like it would be pretty intense on its own, but might be decent when mixed in with other sweet and savory flavors.

Readers, any genius ideas?

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