(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

If you work with beautiful fabrics in some capacity — sewing clothes, curtains, tea towels, or cushion covers — you probably have a few scraps left over. A really good way to put those scraps to use? Use them as covers for your preserves!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

While red or blue checked gingham may be the most recognizable jar cover, what's to stop you from using whatever strikes your fancy? 

If you don't have any fabric and don't want to spend money on a full yard or two, you can usually always find scraps for sale from your favorite textile designer. For example, I love the fabric trimmings from Umbrella Prints (shown above), and I'd definitely go for a bundle of whimsical pattern scraps from Skinny Laminx (a personal favorite).

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This would be particularly nice if you're giving your preserves away as a gift!

(Images: 1. House to Home 2. Umbrella Prints)