An Ingenious Bonus Use for Your Salad Spinner

An Ingenious Bonus Use for Your Salad Spinner

Lisa Freedman
Jan 19, 2017
(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

The party problem: You've got to transport a cake, but you don't have a carrier.

The party trick: Use the bowl from your salad spinner.

We're all about using kitchen gadgets for as many jobs as possible, and the salad spinner is way more of a multitasker than you'd think (see: 10 Alternative Uses for Your Salad Spinner). Perhaps one of its most handy uses — aside from, duh, drying lettuce — is as a cake dome.

Simply center your cake on a plate, turn the bowl from your salad spinner upside down and put it over the cake. The plate needs to be larger in diameter than the salad bowl (a dinner plate will usually get the job done).

Of course, the bowl can move around a little during transport, so this hack isn't better than a cake carrier, but it's better than nothing (yes, nothing = some toothpicks and some plastic wrap!). Continue to proceed with caution and take comfort in knowing your cake — and professional-like icing job — will arrive intact.

Ready to move on to a cake carrier? We love this one: The Perfect Cake Carrier for Bumpy Journeys (and Small Kitchens)

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