An Architect and a Floral Designer Find a Sweet Mix in San Francisco

Kitchen Spotlight

Seth is an architect and favors "clean, modern, precise and particular." His wife Natalie is a floral designer, and leans "more organic and earthy" while still appreciating clean lines. Their two sensibilities meld beautifully in their Presidio Heights, San Francisco kitchen. It has a slightly retro vibe, but still feels fresh.

Friends tell the couple that they have "the perfect party house!" The kitchen isn't particularly large, but chef friends compliment the U-shape and how well it flows.

If you're wondering why you don't see a fridge or freezer, that's because it's a Sub-Zero, and it's fully integrated into the cabinets. In fact, as Natalie says, "no one can open the fridge" which is a little point of embarrassment for them! Regardless, we love all the style and light. What do you think?

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(Image credits: Kim Lucian)