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I've never made bagels at home. They fall into the category of things that I like to buy from people who do them well. Good bagels are really good, and I figure that supporting the people who have it mastered is a smart move. That is, until I saw this recipe for granola bagels. I may have been convinced to give them a try myself! I mean, come on. Chocolate chip granola bagels? 

This recipe is interesting because it blends a bit of traditional bagel making with innovative ingredients. These are yeasted bagels and the method is pretty straightforward: combine the ingredients and yeast and let them sit, mix well, allow the dough to rise, shape, and boil. 

The flavor combination is what sold me: I make granola for a living, so I'm always intrigued when people use it in their own cooking and baking in interesting ways. Add to that a few chocolate chips and it doesn't take much convincing for me to break out my little jar of yeast. 

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