All Your Questions About Watermelon Seeds, Answered

All Your Questions About Watermelon Seeds, Answered

Sheela Prakash
Aug 3, 2016
(Image credit: Naddya/Shutterstock)

Watermelon season is most definitely upon us, sticky juice dripping down our chin and all. For the rest of the summer we'll be cutting through countless watermelons in order to get our fill, and we hope you do the same. But beyond the juicy pink flesh, let's talk about the seeds. Yes, there is a whole lot to talk about when it comes to those little guys.

So Many Questions, So Many Answers

Sit with a pile of watermelon slices long enough and suddenly the seed questions emerge. Why are there black and white ones? What happens if I swallow a few black seeds by accident? What makes a seedless watermelon a seedless watermelon — especially if it's still full of those tiny white seeds?

We answered every single one of these questions and more. Those little seeds deserve a bit more attention and this summer, we are giving it to them.

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