All the Fixins': Make Your Own Condiments

All the Fixins': Make Your Own Condiments

Megan Gordon
Jun 15, 2012

There are many ways to play this thing called summer. You can ride it out passively for all its worth, tagging along to picnics and barbecues. Or you can dive in deliberately, with big plans to tackle a few cooking projects you haven't had a chance to get to all year. For me, that involves condiments. Lots of condiments.

Now that you know full well how to grill a juicy burger, make your own hamburger buns and jars of lemonade, it's time to think about your condiments. Sure, it's simple to grab these things at the market next time you're there. But so often, they're filled with corn syrup or fillers -- condiments truly tend to be one of those things in which you don't realize how good they can taste until you make a batch of your own.

Now obviously, most of us don't have time to whip up a batch of many different condiments, but experimenting with one or two will likely bring you a lot of joy this summer grilling season.

Do you make any of your own condiments at home?

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