Agwa de Bolivia: Liqueur Made from Coca Leaves?

We've been seeing some buzz (literally) about this liqueur, Agwa de Bolivia. It's made from the same stuff as cocaine! What?

This strange concoction is made from coca leaves, which is the same thing that cocaine is made out of. So of course the press releases for this green liqueur play up that cocaine connection quite a lot. But it definitely doesn't have the same potent effect as its narcotic sibling. Instead this liqueur includes caffeine, gingseng, and guarana for a jittery caffeinated kick to balance out the effects of the alcohol.

This sounds like quite a kick of a liquor; according to a review at Liquor Snob it is not great for drinking straight, but it does have a lot of herbal and spice notes that make it a great cocktail mixer.

• Read the review: Agwa de Bolivia Review at Liquor Snob

Have you tried this bright green stuff?

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(Images: Agwa de Bolivia)

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