Advice on Making Fruit Crumbles for a Wedding Reception?

Advice on Making Fruit Crumbles for a Wedding Reception?

Emma Christensen
Mar 29, 2013

Q: I found your terrific recipe for Fruit Crumble. We will be baking a variety of fruit crisps and crumbles for 200 people for a wedding and had planned on using aluminum pans — the flimsy kind — for this task. Are we wrong to use these pans? From bake to serve, will be about 6 hours. Thanks!

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Editor: Since it sounds like you'll be baking and serving these crumbles on the same day, I think you should fine to use aluminum pans. (If stored for more than 24 hours, the fruit can start to pick up a metallic flavor from the aluminum.) My only concern is that if you have to transport the crumbles very far, the crumble top might sink into the liquidy fruit (been there, done that!). You might want to do a trial run of baking and transporting to be sure you'll be ok.

Readers, do you have any advice for making a bunch of crisps and crumbles for a wedding?

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