(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
If you've ever sighed heavily after filling multiple garbage bags cleaning up after a party, then you can appreciate the concept behind Acme Party Box Company. Their slogan, "Party. Rinse. Repeat." says it all. Party supplies do not need to be disposable…

From fabric bunting to eco-friendly outdoor tableware, Acme Party Box can help you keep your grown-up outdoor parties green. And who needs 40+ candles on a cake (hello, fire hazard — not to mention just plain cruel!) when you can have adorable baby bunting as a cake topper!

Acme Party Box has kids parties covered, too. Party favors, like the miniature pirates, can dress up the party table and become instant toys for a group of kids. And the mason jar sippers will keep spills to a minimum while remaining re-usable. Goodbye juice boxes!

For more about Acme Party Box, visit their store page over at Marketplace.

(Images: Acme Party Box )