Acaça: Brazilian Rice Flour Polenta

We are fascinated by this recipe for acaça, a Brazilian dish that is served with meat or seafood, like polenta. But acaça uses rice flour instead of polenta's cornmeal, and the flour is cooked in coconut milk until thick and creamy. Doesn't that sound delicious? Have you ever tried this?

This version of acaça, which is served with shrimp bobo (a stew of shrimp, yucca, and fish stock, and coconut milk) is adapted from The Brazilian Table, by Yara Castro Roberts and Richard Roberts. It is served like polenta or rice, as a bed for the stew. In fact, the recipe calls it a "coconut-rice flour polenta".

We are so fascinated by this new (to us, anyway) dinner starch. It is obviously gluten-free, and it might be a great dish for those who eat gluten-free. It looks incredibly creamy, too; the rice flour is whisked into a mixture of coconut milk and whole milk, and then finished off with olive oil and cream.

Do you know anything about this dish? Is this a standard Brazilian dish, or is it more of a reinterpretation by the cookbook authors? We have got to try this out, and soon!

Get the recipe: Acaça at Gourmet, from Adventures With Ruth

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(Image: Marcus Nilsson/Gourmet)

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