Why You Shouldn't Wash Raw Chicken

Why You Shouldn't Wash Raw Chicken

Faith Durand
Sep 1, 2017

Do you wash your raw chicken before cooking it? This is a common practice encouraged by cookbook authors from Alton Brown to Michael Ruhlman to the great Julia Child herself. We've told you before why we're not big fans of washing raw chicken, but in case you're not convinced, watch this all-too-horrifying Germ-Vision video from a health researcher at Drexel University. You may never look at raw chicken the same way again.

Ewwww.... Right? You may not think that you splash everywhere when working in the sink, but even microscopic droplets of water (and hence, germs) can make their way around your workspace.

We found this video in an article at Slate, where they quote Jennifer Quinlan, the researcher heading up the project, as saying, "There's no reason, from a scientific point of view, to think you're making it any safer, and in fact, you're making it less safe." The only way to safely kill bacteria in chicken is to cook it, not wash it.

(Video: Don't Wash Your Chicken! from Drexel University)

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