A Traditional Kitchen with Snakeskin Wallpaper (Yes, It Works!)

Kitchen Spotlight

I know what you're thinking: snakeskin wallpaper... in the kitchen?! An unusual choice to be sure, but that's exactly what you'll find in Coleman Riddell's Georgetown, Washington, DC kitchen. And what's more — it really works!

Coleman's kitchen may look traditional at first glance, but there are certainly a few untraditional details when you look closer — the most obvious being the Boa by Osbourne & Little wallpaper. As one commenter wrote in this Apartment Therapy House Tour, "it sounds terrible but looks delightful amid the traditional cabinets." We agree!

The other striking detail in the kitchen is the sharp (literally — look at the points on this thing!) crystal chandelier, for a little glam edge.

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(Image credits: Natalie Grasso)