(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
It's April 15th, in case you forgot — and your accountant, spouse, parents, or every morning news anchor forgot to remind you. You may feel like crawling back into bed amidst a pile of receipts and mourning the money you owe the government. Or, you may be celebrating a big refund. Either way, you gotta eat.

Here, from our Kitchn archives (plus one lobster spectacular from the Food Network), are recipes that go both ways.

Feeling frugal after writing big checks to the Feds? We've got pastas and soups with inexpensive ingredients that can be stretched for days. Feeling flush after a particularly good year? There are recipes for lamb, rich hollandaise, and tips for broiling steak.

Enjoy... And here's to looking forward to April 16th.

For the Frugal:

For the Flush:

(Images: Faith Hopler; Chris Phillips)