A Tale of Fancy Ice and Unmade Banana Bread

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My Freezer Haul

Day 4 Task: Clear Out the Freezer

I don't have a lot going on in my freezer. Because it's so small, I usually only keep a few essential things in there like ice cube trays (maybe one too many), bananas that weren't consumed fast enough (to be made for bread), some chicken, and yeast and hops for beer making. I think if I throw things out and organize it a little better, however, I could really stock up on soups and frozen smoothie ingredients for the winter. Time to get to work.

This is what my freezer currently looks like. You'll notice that the top half of the freezer is entirely dedicated to various ice cube trays. I'm especially fond of ice cube spheres and large square ones for cocktails. After reading Christine's post on keeping ice cubes out of their trays, however, I think it's time to reconsider my organization.

I loaded everything from the freezer onto my kitchen island and inspected the loot. I threw out some old fruit, hops that had expired, and a chicken thigh that seemed al little questionable.

I took out all the ice from the trays and put it in a bucket for the freezer and then filled the trays back with more water (we go through a lot of ice in my apartment). Right now I'm a little unsure about the bucket of ice, just because I feel like I'm dedicating even more room for ice in my freezer than before. Do you have any storage ideas for ice? Maybe a Ziploc bag would be more practical?

The door of my freezer

I'm looking forward to cleaning out the freezer tomorrow and organizing things a little more. Stay tuned!

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