In the wintertime, there are so many more options for salads than lettuce and greens. Instead of tossing a bowl of greens, try noodling it up instead — vegetable ribbons make a more colorful (and hearty) base for your lunchtime bowl. And as fun as these new spiralizer gadgets can be, here's a smaller, simpler tool to get your veggie ribbon fix: the classic julienne peeler.

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This particular peeler comes in with high marks on Amazon reviews, and several readers here recommend it:

Readers Choose Their Favorite Julienne Peelers: Can You Recommend a Julienne Peeler?

It's a simple little tool — just a peeler with serrated teeth that can scrape ribbons and noodles off a hard vegetable like a carrot or rutabaga. Unlike a food processor, it sits quietly in a drawer until you need it. This particular model from Kuhn Rikon also has a stainless steel handle for better durability.

For more on how to use a julienne peeler, learn from the best — our June guest, the Vegetable Butcher:

Pro Tips for Using a Julienne Peeler: The Vegetable Butcher's Favorite Tool for Ribbons and Noodles

Do you have this julienne peeler? Or do you prefer another brand or model? Tell us all about it!