A Spot of Color: Teakettles in All Shades

Ever since our sunny yellow teakettle bit the dust, it feels like a little cheeriness has been absent from the kitchen. In our search for a new kettle, we've come across a whole spectrum of gorgeous colors. There's something to suit every kitchen, from vibrant teal to retro green. Here are some that have caught our eye...

1 KitchenAid Porcelain Enamel on Steel Curling Teakettle, $26.40 at Amazon.com

2 Le Creuset Enameled Steel Whistling Tea Kettle, $69.95 at Amazon.com

3 Calypso Basics Enamel on Steel Teakettle, $14.99 at Amazon.com

4 Rachael Ray Ball Style Teakettle, $39.09 at Amazon.com

5 Paula Deen/Faberware Enamel on Steel Teakettle, $35.94 at Amazon.com

6 Copco Bella Enamel-on-Steel Teakettle, $24.99 at Amazon.com

7 Le Creuset Enameled Steel Zen Tea Kettle, $59.99 at Amazon.com

8 Staub Teakettle, $113.95 at Cooking.com

9 KitchenAid Gourmet Essentials Soft Grip Teakettle, $39.95 at Cooking.com

10 Calypso Basics Enamel on Steel Whistling Teakettle, $23.99 at Amazon.com

The great thing about these teakettles is they allow you to add some personality into the kitchen without having to paint or make other dramatic changes. What color teakettle do you own?

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