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Gourmet has been running favorite cocktails from the 1940s to today, and this one (from November 1959) caught our eye immediately. Big surprise, huh? It looks like a rainbow slushy. But don't be fooled. This heavy-hitter is for adults only...

The cocktail is called a madras, but it's not the normal orange juice/cranberry/vodka drink we're familiar with. This is a mix of EIGHT different liqueurs (eight!), and that's not the only hitch. You also need shaved ice to create this beauty.

Get the recipe: Madras Cocktail

The instructions call for delineating seven different sections on the top of your shaved ice dome and pouring in a teaspoon each of seven liqueurs (things like apricot liqueur, green chartreuse, and créme de cacao). Then, in case that's not enough, you pour a teaspoon of cognac over the whole thing.

The effect is really spectacular, though. Maybe you could do something similar with fewer ingredients? Or, who knows? Maybe you've got a full liquor cabinet and are up for a challenge. Anyone ever made a drink like this?

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(Image: Romulo Yanes for Gourmet)