A Smart Dining Solution for Tiny Kitchens: A Pull-Out Tabletop Hidden in the Cabinets!

Small Kitchen Inspiration

So, you have a tiny kitchen with nary an extra foot for a standard dining table. Take a cue from this Swedish kitchen and build in a pull-out table extension. Add legs (more on that below) and you've got yourself a sweet table for two!

As you can see above, this long, narrow-ish kitchen in Sweden doesn't have any room for a standard dining table, so instead the kitchen's architects designed an integrated table extension into the cabinets. When you pull it out, it turns into another work surface or, by hanging table legs on it, it turns into a tiny 2-person dining space. (Where are the table legs stored? It's difficult to tell, since the original page is in Swedish, but as far as I understand the translation, I think the table legs are hung on the wall, or stowed alongside the cabinet, and they just attach to the table. Seems pretty quick!)

Do you have any smart, stowaway dining solutions like this in your kitchen?

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(Images: Bo-laget)