A Seasonal Kitchen: Baking With Grapes

A Seasonal Kitchen: Baking With Grapes

Megan Gordon
Sep 29, 2011

In A Good Appetite, her column for The New York Times, Melissa Clark deems this a "grape happy season," and if you've been to your farmers market recently, you'd probably agree. From Red Flame to Muscadine to Concord grapes, options abound. They're certainly fabulous for snacking, but have you ever considered baking with grapes?

Concord grapes, in particular, are fabulous for baking because they're jammier and more complexly flavored than other varieties. The kicker? You generally have to seed them and often have to peel them. So it's a labor of love. In return though, you end up with a surprisingly fruity, juicy, and vibrant dessert. On one hand these are desserts that are clinging to the berries of summer while on the other hand, they're ushering in the subtle colors and flavors of autumn.

Try a Recipe:
Grape Focaccia - The New York Times
Concord Grape Pie - Saveur
Sunken Grape Cake - Culinate
Concord Grape Muffins - Sassy Radish
Pierre Reboul's Concord Grape Clafoutis - The Wednesday Chef

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(Image: Andrew Scrivani/The New York Times)

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