A Proudly DIY'ed (and Ever Changing) Craftsman Kitchen

Kitchen Spotlight

When asked to name their proudest DIY project in their 1926 Craftsman home in Phoenix, Liz and John definitively said the kitchen: "We put together all of the cabinets, hung the upper ones, did the glass tile backsplash ourselves, painted, put in the oven with the help of our neighbor, and I drew up the plans for the city permit to add the gas line for the range," they tell Apartment Therapy.

But doing all that work themselves wasn't always easy: "That renovation was the longest and most frustrating to date, but I’m so glad we did it together, and it definitely taught us a lot about what to do, and what not to do."

Right now the kitchen and dining areas are painted in Sherwin Williams Tropical Dream (202-1), but that won't last forever. "We’ve had three different paint colors in the kitchen/dining room since we bought the house," Liz says. "This place is my experiment, and I’ll probably never stop changing things. If it doesn’t work, we change it. There’s nothing wrong with working things out until you like them."

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(Image credits: Lindsey Kay Averill)