A Produce Storing Guide, No-Bake Energy Bars, DIY Nut Milks, and 5 Empanada Recipes To Make and Freeze

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Welcome to the holiday weekend! Popular posts this past week on The Kitchn include a smart tip that turns your $50 ice cream maker into a luxury model, a roundup of all things avocado, a look at creative storage solutions from our Kitchen Tours, and 20 delicious fillings and toppings for tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. Enjoy!

15. Broken Glass In Your Dishwasher? Use a Potato To Catch All the Shards!
14. What To Do When You're Served Something Unpalatable?
13. Recipe: Andean Potato & Cheese Soup (Locro de Papa)
12. Alina's Exotic Cooking Lair
11. DIY Nut Milks: 5 Easy Recipes
10. Tasty Empanadas: 5 Recipes to Make Now & Freeze For Later

9. Recipe: Herbed Panko Chicken

8. Use a Balloon To Make Custom Glassware

7. Smart Tip: Turn Your $50 Ice Cream Maker Into a Quick-Churning $300 Model

6. 30 Reasons to Buy an Avocado Tonight: Avocado Tips, Hints, and Recipes

5. Easy Back to School Snacks: 5 No-Bake Energy Bar Recipes

4. How to Make Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread)

3. 15 Smart & Creative Storage Solutions from Our Kitchen Tours

2. Tacos, Burritos, & Enchiladas: 20 Recipes for Delicious Fillings & Toppings

1. A Guide to Storing Fruits and Vegetables

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