A Low-Stress Thanksgiving: Recipes, Tips, and Advice

A Low-Stress Thanksgiving: Recipes, Tips, and Advice

Faith Durand
Nov 24, 2008
Thanksgiving is a big meal, yes, but it shouldn't be one that stresses you out (too much). We love cooking, and Thanksgiving is perhaps the one time of year where the focus is all on the food. So there should be plenty of room to relax, enjoy the cooking, and have fun with the traditional (and non-traditional) dishes you cook up. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite recipes for Thanksgiving -- all of them are seasonal, delicious, and not too difficult or time-consuming. This is everything - nearly all of the Thanksgiving advice we've ever published on The Kitchn, so see if there's something you can use!

Recipes for Thanksgiving

Here are recipe galleries of our best Thanksgiving recipes.

Turkey Tips

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More Thanksgiving Desserts and Tips

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More Thanksgiving Advice

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More Thanksgiving Menus

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