A Kitchen Backsplash That Slides Open!

Take a look at the backsplash behind this stove. Very nice, right? Luxe, even. All that marble. Wow. But this backsplash goes one more — take a look...

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Yes, the side panels of the backsplash slide away to reveal shelves built in at the back of the countertop. And yes, those panels and the backsplash must have been custom-fabricated out of a single slab of marble; the veins run across when closed and make an almost perfect facade.

Very beautiful, very expensive, and very smart — a good way to both hide and protect ingredients from the heat of the stove while keeping them close at hand. I can imagine this recreated much less expensively with other kinds of materials, like stainless steel or glass.

See more at the designer's website: Mick de Giulio Kitchen Design

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(Images: via Life in a Venti Cup)