A Gorgeous Roomy Kitchen in Scotland

Kitchen Spotlight

When I first saw this kitchen on Apartment Therapy, I think I audibly gasped. Set in an elegant home in Edinburgh, Scotland, the kitchen is "the heart of the home," as owners Sam and Chris say. And why wouldn't it be? There's plenty of space to move around, cook, and entertain — not to mention the passage connecting the kitchen to the playroom!

As Sam tells Apartment Therapy, the passageway to the kids' room (seen below) was inspired because she wanted to see her kids while she cooked:

The flat’s previous owners gave me the idea to knock through the supporting wall between these two rooms, and I had this vision of a crazy big wallpapered wall on view from the kitchen through double glass-fronted sort of French doors...We reinstated the wall with a large pantry and storage cupboard on the kitchen side and plenty more storage built-in at ceiling height. We were lucky to get planning permission – New Town is a conservation area with all listed buildings and it’s notoriously difficult to make any structural changes – but because these rooms are in the rear of the flat and because their configuration had been altered already, it was allowed. Near the completion of the renovation I sat down with my daughter on the playroom sofa to watch the tiler finish off in the kitchen. I almost cried (with joy and probably relief) because this particular bit of the house worked out exactly how I had envisioned.

I also just love the high ceilings and the colors —cream, black, just a touch of hot pink, and a mix of patterns. Just beautiful!

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(Image credits: Lizzie Ford)