A Glamorous Little Sister for the Chemex Coffee Maker

A Glamorous Little Sister for the Chemex Coffee Maker

Faith Durand
Aug 21, 2015

The classic Chemex coffee brewer is one of the most iconic and beautiful ways to make your morning cup. You probably know it, with its glass carafe and wood and leather collar (here's a little more about how it's made). But here's a little sister for the midcentury style icon; this is a Chemex all glammed up.

There's a picture of the classic Chemex; it's a pretty gorgeous tool for coffee. This new one from Anthro stretches out that profile and adds a handle, which I like — I'm always afraid that collar is going to slip out of my hand! — and frosted glass with a peek-a-boo slice in the middle.

If you like the handle too, but would rather stick with a classic Chemex, check out this model: Glass Handle Chemex Coffee Brewer.

I assume that this, like the regular brewers, takes the extra-thick Chemex filters.

What do you think? This sleek modern version, or the old-school Chemex?

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