A Food for Every State: The State-By-Food Poster

Looking for a big piece of art for the kitchen? Well, your search may be over. Bourbon, corn chowder, Buckeyes, and salmon — this print has something for everyone!

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This print comes in two different versions: a black-and-white print, and a watercolored limited edition poster. There's a food for every state (can you spot yours?) and cute illustrations to go along.

Oh, and gift idea alert! There's a tote bag too. Why not fill up a tote bag with yummy local food? What a great gift that could be!

Find it: LIMITED EDITION Watercolored State-By-Food Print, $150; State-By-Food Print, $20 from Melangerie Inc. Tote Bag, $25.

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(Images: Melangerie Inc.)

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