A Decadent Way to Eat Asparagus

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I don't know about you, but oftentimes I associate asparagus with fresh salads, or delicious cold soups. You know, normal veggie stuff. But 'lo! There are some truly decadent, and sometimes cheesy possibilities that need to be thrown in the mix. This croque madame with roasted asparagus is the indulgent sandwich you deserve right now.

Asparagus fits perfectly with a traditional croque madame, as it would add some much needed texture to an otherwise crunch-less sandwich. Eggs and asparagus are already BFF in so many recipes, so this lunchtime treat is a natural evolution.

Do you have any deliciously decadent ways to use asparagus?

Recipe: Croque-Madame with Roasted Asparagus; Apples and Sparkle

(Image credits: Apples and Sparkle )