A Crash Course in Wine: 30 Posts To Help You Understand Types, Words & Pairings

A Crash Course in Wine: 30 Posts To Help You Understand Types, Words & Pairings

Cambria Bold
May 14, 2012
I'll admit it: I love wine, but I don't actually know that much about it, nor do I have a very discriminating palate. However, I'm hoping to change that and develop a wine vocabulary, however rudimentary. Thankfully, The Kitchn's resident wine expert, Mary Gorman, has written extensively on wine for the last few years, and her posts are an excellent resource for the wine lover looking to deepen his or her understanding of wine varieties, wine words, and pairings. Welcome to Wine 101. Class is now in session.

A Few Major Wine Varieties

BurgundyBurgundy Wines: Demystified and Affordable Cabernet Sauvignon (California) • Chilling & Grilling Wines: California Cabernet Sauvignon Champagne and Sparkling WineBubbles Galore! Champagne & Sparkling Wines for Any Holiday Celebration ChiantiExciting Times for Chianti Wines: Evolved But Still the Heart of Tuscan Wine Dry White BordeauxAffordable Dry White Bordeaux MalbecDelicious and Affordable Malbec Wines from Argentina MoscatoThe Exceptional Rise of Moscato Pinot GrigioWhat's the Difference Between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris? PortChilled Tawny Port: Refreshing, Relaxing, Different RieslingKnow Your German Riesling Wine Regions: Mosel, Rheingau, & Pfalz RoseRose: A Wine for All Seasons Sauvignon BlancGreat Sauvignon Blanc Wines from Around the World SherryWhy Sherry Is So Extraordinary

Wine Words

Wine Words: ComplexityWine Words: TextureWine Words: AromasWine Words: AlcoholWine Words: BodyWine Words: TanninWine Words: AcidityWine Words: MineralityWine Words: Length and FinishWine Words: SweetnessWine Words: StyleWine Words: OakWine Words: BalanceWine Words: Flavor

Wine Pairings

An Italian Wine Dinner MenuAdvice for Pairing Wine with ChocolateUnlikely Companions? No! 8 Tips for Pairing Wine & Soup Related: How to Taste Wine Like a Professional
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