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Do you wish your refrigerator looked like this? Clean? Shiny? Stocked with vibrant fruits and vegetables, nary a mysterious jar of crusted condiments in sight? Well, Real Simple would like to help you with that. They have a checklist to help you get from grimy to shiny in just 20 minutes. Ready? Go!

This checklist doesn't screw around. It starts with you unplugging the fridge, sweeping under it, (when was the last time you did that?), ruthlessly tossing out anything past its prime, and moving on from there. Set a timer, and get going! This checklist will keep you on task. It's really delightful to have a clean fridge, isn't it?

Get the Checklist: Speed-Clean Your Refrigerator at Real Simple

Is this more or less your own routine for cleaning a fridge? Or are there other things that you prefer to focus on when scrubbing it out?

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