A Budget Alternative to Dessert Plates

A Budget Alternative to Dessert Plates

Lisa Freedman
Nov 14, 2016
(Image credit: Rachel Joy Baransi)

The party problem: You don't have enough dessert plates and don't want to use paper.

The party trick: Serve dessert on cedar grilling planks.

(Image credit: Rachel Joy Baransi)

Plates are always in high demand during dinner parties and there never seems to be enough of them. (Who used this little plate as a spoon rest? And why?) If you're worried you won't have enough by the time you get through Thanksgiving dinner and on to dessert — and you don't want to use paper plates — try this trick and use cedar grilling planks.

They're inexpensive, easy to find, and add a surprising rustic touch to your table.

Buy: Cedar Grilling Planks, $20 for 12

The flavor from the planks won't mess with the food too much, but most Thanksgiving desserts can actually benefit from the addition. Think about it: A pumpkin pie that has a hint of grill-like flavor. Yum! Don't believe us? Here's what we made when we put this trick to use. Try it and you be the judge.

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